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Prior Pastors of the church.

List of Former Pastor's
William Jarrell 1889-1896,1898-1905,1910-1911
Arthur Preston 1896-1897
J.C. Kazee 1905-1906
Taswell Rickman 1907-1909
G.M. Copley 1911-1912
S.f. Rannels 1912-1913
Carmey Crabtree 1913-1919
E.W. Lambert 1920-1923
No record found between July 1923- May 1951
J. Marvin Moore 1951-1952
Henry Webb Bussey Jr. 1951-1954
J.C. Hager 1954-1958,1960-1972
Charles Gray 1958-1960
Glen Mollette 1972-1973
Phillip Haney 1973-1975
Keen Johnson 1975-1976
Bill Barber 1977-1981
Larry R. Shannon 1981-1983
Paul Henry Schmidt 1983-1984
Joe Stanley 1985-1986
Edwin Ellington 1986-1990
Charle Jayne jr. 1991-1995
John Deboard 1998- ?

Change of name to Rock of Grace

Michael Greider 2016-2018

Derek Hinkle 2019-2023

Scottie Gilliam 2023- present

The History or Story Behind Grace Chapel

Photo of Church
This photo appered in the local paper with an artical about the 100 year centennial homecoming.(taken 1989)


The current church name is ROG-Grace Chapel. We were a couple of other names in the past Elevate Church and Hope City Louisa before reorganizing back to Rock of Grace - Grace Chapel. 

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