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A group of Baptist belivers, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, met with Rev. W.T. Ball and Rev. William Jarrell on November 16, 1889 at Lick Creek (just outside of Louisa, Ky.) and organized a church body which came to be known in 1891 as the ELIZABETH JARRELL BAPTIST CHURCH. The name of the church was given in honor of the wife of the first pastor, Rev. William Jarrell. The First Deacons, John Vaughan and Olsen Hardwick, were elected at the initial meeting of the church.

The church building remained at its original location until 1968, when the new highway (then U.S. 23 now Ky 2565) construction forced it's movement to the present location, on property given by Charles Caldwell.

During the mininstry of Bro. Paul Henry Schmidt (1983-84) , the church was remodeled. Sunday school classrooms were added, along with a baptistry. On March 24, 1987, during the ministry of Bro. Edwin Ellington (1986-1990) , the church voted to change the name to Southside Missionary Baptist Church.

Rock of Grace purchased the church building under Pastor Michael Greider in 2016 and remodeled the building that was completed in about a year. 
Derek Hinkle was Pastor during the transition years and added the name ROG-Grace Chapel then in January 2023 ,Pastor Scottie Gilliam became our current pastor.